“Art is Calling for Me” ( Souped up)

” Thank You for the Music”

” No One is Alone”

2-02 Recit and Batti Batti  From Don Giovanni  with “NJ Boheme Opera”

The Phantom of the Opera with Don Brewer

“Such a L’il Fellow” Mother’s Day 2014 in SC

RADIO Spot for July 21, concert in Cape May


Video ( most are YOUTUBE links , many of which have been posted from other sources Kimilee Bryant is NOT responsible for uploading all of these to youtube)

2017 Converse College Commencement Speech

Kimilee’s Demo Reel

Rough “Reel” Edited coming soon

Broadway Baby ( Hilarious of Kimilee & Aidan shot for a  Vegas project in April 2015)

The Today Show with Kimilee in The Phantom of the Opera

National Anthem Greenville Drive Baseball at Fluor Field

Kimilee with “Broadway Sings” in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Kimilee with “Broadway Sings” in Berlin, Germany


Kimilee and “PART” cast on SC NBC affiliate WYFF for INTO THE WOODS ( April 30, 2016)



Berkely Hall Estate

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